"As a trainer I specialize in starting horses under saddle, correcting behavioral issues and building a conscious relationship between horse and rider to achieve a successful partnership, whatever the discipline."

Kate Shook


We offer the horse owner an opportunity to place their horse into a training environment where we build an individual plan to meet each horse and owner’s need. Unlike some facilities, we are not limited to a specific equine sport, competition, breed or style. This creates the opportunity to understand the individual needs of each horse and owner. Then, using our extensive experience, knowledge and education, we are able to craft a program just for you.

Whether hunter or cow horse, English or western, for show or pleasure, Warmbloods, Andalusians, Morgans, Arabians or Quarter Horses, we can tailor a program for needs as varied as starting a youngster under saddle, tuning up a trail horse, learning to jump, or obstacle and bravery training.


We have the tools to help horses and their people learn new skills, solve old problems or build a solid foundation. Whether you’re a novice on your first horse or an experienced rider seeking to learn new skills, we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

We believe that, whatever your discipline, the heart of good riding is equitation — the ability to ride with lightness and balance.  We teach riding from the horse’s perspective, helping the rider feel their horse until they can move seamlessly with every stride, freeing the horse to move naturally.

In short, equitation is not about riding on your horse; it’s about riding with your horse, moving as one.


With professional partnterships, B. Kate stables offers rehabilitation services to help your horse regain or maintain peak performance. From strains and pulls to recovery from surgery or injury, we have the expertise and experience you need, whether your horse is a racing Thoroughbred, a hunter-jumper or your favorite trail horse.


Kate Shook offers professional certified equine appraisals for multiple breeds and disciplines.

Equine appraisals may be used for a number of reasons: purchases, sales and leases, injuries, divorces, insurance claims, tax purposes and donations, bankruptcies, business partnerships and ownership agreements.